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The blatant fanboying of my first MMORPG post.

So as not to spam my friends not interested in my first MMORPG, I'm throwing these things down here. Warning, the cut is pretty graphic intensive.

Under the cut: the Feathermoon RP Pride Parade, and assorted random imagery that I thought would be nice.

Okay, so let's get on with it.

RP Pride Parade

Not a few days after I started playing, I payed visit to the Feathermoon forums. As it turns out, there was this giant march to promote awareness of RP and to encourage it as well, by having a long walk (Yes! No running!) from just outside of Astranaar in Ashenvale, all the way to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale. Anyway, enough blabber.

Image hosted by
Lots of people love RP, incidentally. Or thought the marching idea was fun. Some 200+ people came, from both sides! Whole thing was OOC, obviously.

Image hosted by
The undead in mid-air looks rather Russian. Hail, comrade!

Image hosted by
At first I didn't know who this guy was, but he's apparently Feathermoon's biggest in-joke. (He's also using a Elixir of Giant Growth, which is why he looks so farking huge.) These days the words "Hail Kull!" is enough to make me break out in stitches.

Image hosted by
Coming out from Ashenvale, towards the Barrens.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Marching across the Barrens, walking speed. People who know the Barrens and how huge the place is know how slow that can be, so it was relieving to know that we were going towards Ratchet.

Image hosted by
Finally in Ratchet, taking pics of big buff Tauren blokes. (Nice equipment, guys.)

Image hosted by
It's at this point when everyone was in one place that I realized how HUGE this thing was. Look at that!
I'd take a picture of the boat, but it sunk. (Actually no, my game crashed. I'm dead serious, there were too many people on it!)

Image hosted by
When I logged on again, I was in Booty Bay, no less. The lucky folks ran ahead, I was straggling behind. And still walking.

Image hosted by
Booty Bay's tavern never made so much business in the span of a few hours, I can tell you that. But let us not mention the naked Night Elf dancing. (I especially like how the Night Elf Druid in cat form is perching over on the other side, chillin' and just observing. So cool!)

Image hosted by
Always check your drink for Strange Dust.
I had a nice time with those two, nice folks who bought me drinks and everything. You can't actually see the Undead Rogue across me, but he's like, Level 59. The orc is level 50.

Random happenings

Image hosted by
I was having trouble with Bristlebacks (close to Camp Taurujo). Then this high level Human Paladin came about and helped me whack a few of them. Unfortunately, due to game contraints, we couldn't talk, just use in-game emotes. She eventually frowned at me and left shortly after this screenshot. :_(

Image hosted by
Dances with (ghost) Wolves, coming soon to a theatre near you!

Image hosted by
I wanted to help add a little tension, so I snuck up on these Alliance members (unflagged) and watched for a little while. Obviously RPers, since they were doing nothing but standing around, while I was out of their /say range.


Image hosted by
Image hosted by
The Barrens during the day, and night. Forgot to remove the mouse hand, though - I really liked this pictures...

Until something really interesting shows up, I think I'll keep screenshots to a minimum, for now.

Also, I ♥ my new cape.

Assorted Wow links

I love in-jokes.

I need to make an Uma Thurman sometime.
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